Press Release

What would happen if 40 million cripples organized
their vote and took power in America?

Fifty years after Selma, in the midst of still-continuing widespread voter suppression across America, Shawn Casey O’Brien shares his book For The Love Of Long Shots: A Memoir on Democracy, an edgy, satirical and soulful story of what went down when a handful of occasionally intoxicated disabled activists came together to organize their constituency in California, with their sights set on the estimated 48 million potential disabled voters across the country.

Employing his persistent — and vital — sense of humor, O’Brien explores the story of what it means to be disabled and politically powerless in 21st Century America, as well as journeying back 2,600 years to examine the Ancient Greeks’ “root democracy,” which, as he reminds us, was actually devised to protect the poor and disadvantaged, not exploit them. It was regrettably, he observes, a far cry from our current sham democracy, beholden to Big Money and K Street lobbyists.

That wouldn’t necessarily continue to be the case should O’Brien’s fellow disabled citizens take his message to heart and inundate the electoral process with mail-in ballots en masse — launching a bloodless democratic revolution in which the powerless ultimately become the powerful — all for the price of a first class postage stamp.

With a cast of characters and a set of prescriptions not previously encountered, For The Love Of Long Shots is also a riotous civics lesson — seen nowhere more ridiculously than in his detailed account of an ill-conceived plot to chain-off Venice Beach disabled parking zones and bathrooms, which, thanks to his intervention, ended-up badly backfiring on the perpetrators.

For The Love Of Long Shots is chock-full of forthright suggestions that could possibly end voter suppression as well as dramatically increase electoral participation going forward, allowing millions of Americans to vote their conscience — instead of following what some poll or pundit tells them to do.

Those Ancient Greeks would be pleased by O’Brien’s counsel. Modern readers can purchase the paperback book on-line or through their local bookstore. It is also available in many popular electronic formats. The book is released by Pumpkin Seed Publishing.