Getting noticed by Amazon

Shawn’s book is now published!

It is available in many outlets; click the links on this site to the one of your preference.

We did have a little trouble being stocked by Amazon because the book is print on demand. They usually can get the books quickly, but there was a delay. Luckily, we have noticed that now Amazon has an inventory going, so hopefully this problem has gone away.

Of course, you may get the book through Barnes and Noble or Indiebound. There are choices. It is only our hope that you get the book quickly if and when you purchase it. We’d like to get noticed by Barnes and Noble and even Target and WalMart. We could use your help. People with disabilities especially can find inspiration in Shawn’s story. And anybody who reads it will want to get out and vote!

So, so far so good. As Shawn counsels in his book, you’ve got to start with the first steps.